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Mobility Impaired Buyers

February 29, 2024

Mobility Impaired Buyers

Q. What can Realtors in the Bay Area do to help buyers with mobility issues?

A.  As buyer agents for limited mobility or aging clients, the first step is always to understand our client's needs. The ability to put ourselves in their shoes and leverage a little empathy goes a long way. We look at things like door widths, counter height, slope of driveway, and nearby amenities such as public transit or healthcare. We consider their existing needs in addition to forecasted health over the following years.

 Technology allows us to bridge distances easily and we have a broad spectrum of tools at our fingertips to bring the property to the client. Everything from a brief conversation with the listing about if the property would fit our client's needs, scheduling a private uncrowded showing, using our mobile phones to record an image-stabilized first-person tour, to completely scanning the property and allowing them a virtual 3D walk-through with headsets as Meta's Quest or Apple's Vision Pro.

 Finally, we'll get our contractors into the property post-sale to ensure it meets their needs. Our team can install grab bars, non-slip steps, rocker switches, and more. It has never been easier to view and purchase a home with limited mobility than today.

-Wallace Chane

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