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2023 Happiest Cities in the San Francisco Bay Area

March 7, 2023

2023 Happiest Cities in the San Francisco Bay Area

Measuring Happiness is something that pollsters and social scientists have attempted to do time and time again. WalletHub has done this every year with a cross-sample of America to figure out what they call the Happiest Cities in America. They measure 3 critical factors and attribute 10 conditions to each factor creating a 30-question questionnaire. Each of these questions are weighted and the results are ranked and compiled into this list. 


Source: WalletHub

What's important to us is rather than focusing on individual cities we generalize the area these cities are in and create general maps of areas that are becoming desirable or on the decline. This year, 3 Bay Area cities made the top 10 list, and if we expand this to the top 20 the bay area takes up 4 slots. If you include our Los Angeles and Northwest team we serve 7 of 20 happiest cities! 

The cities in BOLD are areas we serve.


  1. Fremont, CA - 76.10 points
  2. San Jose, CA - 70.35 points
  3. Madison, WI - 69.72 points
  4. Overland Park, KS - 68.93 points
  5. San Francisco, CA - 68.73 points
  6. Irvine, CA - 67.83 points
  7. Columbia, MD - 67.71 points
  8. Sioux Falls, SD - 67.02 points
  9. South Burlington, VT - 66.51 points
  10. Burlington, VT - 65.83 points
  11. Seattle, WA - 65.59 points
  12. Bismarck, ND - 64.12 points
  13. Oakland, CA - 64.08 points
  14. Huntington Beach, CA - 64.04
  15. San Diego, CA - 63.98 points
  16. Scottsdale, AZ - 63.48 points
  17. Minneapolis, MN - 62.63 points
  18. Yonkers, NY - 62.50 points
  19. Aurora, IL - 62.49 points
  20. Fargo, ND - 62.42 points

These cities are definitely doing something right. A mix of community, growth, jobs, amenities, as well as diversity and future keep these cities going. If you are interested in purchasing in any of these areas connect with your METIS agent today.

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