The METIS Promise

We had a simple goal in mind in architecting METIS. To provide home sellers a premium, no-compromise,  and stress-free selling experience while saving thousands in the process.

Unlike a traditional big box real estate brokerage with large overhead fees, we run on a lean footprint and leverage distributed local co-work spaces with a flat organizational structure. At METIS, we have brought the entire production and marketing process in-house, and are more productive pound-for-pound than any other real estate firm in the nation. We are able to control quality throughout the transaction process, and do so at a cost much lower than those big box brokerages.

In doing so, we are able to deliver a premium home listing experience to all of our sellers, not just those who own with luxury homes. In addition to a premium experience, we pass on those our savings directly to our clientele.

Finally, we guarantee that our sellers receive top-dollar for their home. We will settle for nothing less. This is how we provide a premium full-service listing experience to every one of our clients for a fee of only 4% Simple stated, METIS is the smartest way to sell one’s home.

Connect with us to learn how we can make such a claim. We are certain you will love our home buying and selling philosophy and process.

Professional Photography

Great imagery is the core of our marketing approach. Photos allow us to tell wonderful stories, which entice home buyers to bookmark and ultimately walk through your doors.

360 Videos

The world is not flat, and no longer are photos. Proprietary 360° METIS photography allows us to showcase your property in it's full splendor across the globe. Allowing foreign buyers to make decisions without leaving the comfort of their home.


Our account managers are expert communicators. Whether you prefer phone, email, text, or chat - we communicate in a way that makes sense and simplifies your already busy lifestyle.

Global Marketing

While local marketing is important, today's Silicon Valley buyers span the globe. We ensure your property is properly marketed through all of our global channels.

Stress-Free Listing

We can handle every element of the sale. Many of our sellers prefer to just drop us their key and allow us to make all the arraignments. We treat every property as if it was our own.


We offer a variety of incentives. From u-haul reimbursement, to quarterly savings. Contact us today to see what we're able to offer you!


The 4% Listing Fee

With the latest technology and marketing tools at our finger tips we are able to craft top tier marketing and representation for your property. We pride ourselves on service and product and price proudly. We believe that with current property prices being what they are 6% is long out-dated, and our 4% should be the new standard.

METIS does more production and marketing than all traditional big box real estate brokerages. The difference is rather than command a 2.5-3.5% fee for our services we are able to provide all services for a 1-1.5% fee and still provide a 2.5-3% standard market incentive to ensure your property sells. There is no other firm on the market that matches METIS’ quality, service, product, and pricing. Working with METIS is a win-win scenario.


Serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

Schedule a meeting with one of our local experts. Our experts know the ins and outs of every neighborhood and how to best position your property on the market. Meetings are scheduled to your convenience, and have absolutely no strings attached.


See What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve helped many save thousands and progress their real estate and financial dreams. It’s not just the money one saves with METIS, but the experiences that the savings afford. Our clients have been able to pay their children’s college tuitions, pay for weddings, purchase a new car, take an overdue vacation, and much more with their savings.

Connect with METIS.

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